About Artist

Malila was born on the 1st April 1993 in Kinshasa the capitol of the Democratic Republic of Congo as Jonathan Mwe di Malila Apenela.


His Family is from Muanda and Cabinda, Territory of Bas-Congo and belongs to the Woyo, a tripe known for their coloured masks.  

"Mwe di"  is a honorable particule. It is a title of nobility meaning "Prince" or rather "Lord" and derives from the Kikongo term "Mwene" .


At the age of four, he moved to Cologne, Germany. There faced with the unfamiliarity of his new surroundings, he turned to art as a means or connecting with the other children in the Kindergarten.

He later attended the Erzbischöfliche Liebfrauenschule and the Humboldtgymnasium always taking art as a major subject.


After finishing school in year 2012 he started working for a finance company. After a couple of years he turned his focus back to art.