Les Gens des coleurs de Kinshasa

Inspired by the "Gentlemen of Bacongo" also know as les Sapeurs, a group of men which stand out with their strikingly fashionable style, this series was born. Les Sapeurs, as they are called in Congo-Brazaville, attract attention with their liability to elegance and genteel individuality. They combine chic and exe-catching vlothes to outfits that favor to the classical Dandy style. By weearing these lavish outfits, they do not try to show status but more an expression of their inner freedom. Often these men come from humble backgrounds. In order to resist this sadness and poverty he appears as a self-promoter. He considers himself, as a living piece of art that does not only carries an impressive wardrobe but also a repertoire of own gestures. The Sapeur enjoy jigh recognition and respect in his comunity. Jonathan Mwe di Malila dedicates his series to the self determining ideology of the Sapeur. In particular, the self-presentation considering the externel circumstances impressed him. The urge of freedem and the desire for individuality are the subjects of his paintings. With lots of colour and effortlessness the artist conveys these motifs. He integrates african fabrics to express the african integrity of these men.


These artworks are mixed-media made by the use of oil on canvas including african fabrics.